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1. Are Greenburgh Town Hall and other Town buildings open to the public?
2. Is Town Board still meeting and conducting business during the COVID-19 Pandemic and, if so, how?
3. Is the Greenburgh Town Court closed and, if so, how do I resolve a ticket, summons or other pending matter?
4. Is the Police Station still open, are Town Police continuing to enforce the law and how are COVID-19 regulations being enforced?
5. How does one determine whether a business is essential or nonessential?
6. How does one determine the proper protective gear to wear during the COVID-19 pandemic?
7. When are Town, County and Special District taxes due and how and where do I pay?
8. Has the time to pay Town, County and Special District taxes that are due by April 30,2020 been extended because of the COVID-19 Pandemic?
9. How do I know whether I qualify for a taxpayer hardship and what are the requirements?