• Swim instructor helping girl in lap of pool
  • Swim instructor helping boy in pool
  • Boy in goggles and swim cap being helped by swim instructor
  • Back of lifeguard with red shirt reading lifeguard
  • Three  red and black triangle banners of pool
  • Flippers and empty lanes of pool
  • Flippers in front of pool
  • Edge of pool with mosaic of 3 feet
  • Red guard flotation device
  • Red life guard flotation device beside pool
  • Five lane indoor pool
  • Scoreboard with lanes places and times in pool
  • Children sitting on side of pool laughing and kicking
  • Two men in pool talking
  • Swim teacher helping boy in pool
  • Boy being helped in pool by swim coach
  • Swim instructor standing at end of pool talking to girl in pool
  • Boy in pool swimming with goggles and swim cap
  • Swim instructor in pool
  • Swim instructor helping girl swim in pool
  • Boy with kickboard and flippers swimming in pool
  • Boy wearing goggles using kickboard in pool
  • Man helping child in pool to swim
  • Back of red lifeguard shirt
  • Swim instructor in pool talking to children sitting on pool edge
  • Swim instructor with girl in pool

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