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November 8, 2019

Underhill Area Water Main Project

The heavy construction for the water main cleaning and lining project is complete. New fire hydrants are installed along with new water valves and connections associated with the project. The water main disinfection process is underway. Chlorine is introduced into the pipe and water samples are drawn over a period of time for bacteriological testing. Many bacteriological sample are taken from multiple points within the system. By Tuesday, November 12 the Town Engineer’s are expecting to receive the sample results. Should all samples test negative, the engineers will request approval to activate the pipes from the Westchester County Health Department. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the temporary water services should be removed during the week beginning November 18th.

Unseasonably cold weather is forecast for this upcoming week. Drinking water is currently supplied to your home through an above ground network of temporary water pipes and hoses due to the current water-relining project. The very cold temperature may freeze this water causing you to be without drinking water.
To prevent your drinking water from freezing in the outdoor pipes, you must keep a cold-water faucet flowing in your home when outside temperatures drop below freezing (32° F). Without a small flow, the water will freeze in the outside pipes and you will not have any water. Just turn a cold water faucet on so only a small stream, about the width of a standard pencil, flows. That is enough to keep the water from freezing. Please note that we are not billing you for water during this time and you can turn the faucet off when the outside temperature rises above freezing. Just remember to turn it back on, especially overnight, when the temperatures fall below freezing.

Our contractor is working quickly to restore normal service to our customers and we do anticipate most customers’ service will be restored within the next few weeks. We ask for your patience and cooperation while this work is being conducted. If you have any questions, please contact the Bureau of Engineering at (914)-989-1583.

In the event of a water emergency, you may contact the Town of Greenburgh Water Department at (914)-989-1900, or the Greenburgh Police front desk at (914) 989-1700.

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