Did you know that in 1781 Greenburgh was the site of the French American Encampment that changed the course of history? General Washington was on Secor Rd. The comte de Rochambeau stayed in Odell House on Ridge Road. Together they commanded over 9,000 troops camped in our green hills and valleys with hundreds of horses and oxen. The French were in full uniforms; the Continental troops often had no shoes, except for the 25% who were African American and were described by the French as the best attired and trained! They lived in houses still standing, camped on our front lawns, spied on the British and planned the final battle of the war.

To learn more and to share in our wonderful history, we are proud to announce the release of a fascinating new report of the Franco-American Philipsburg Encampment from July 6, 1781 to August 18, 1781 in Greenburgh, NY. Distinguished author and scholar, Dr. Robert Selig, has completed an in-depth report of this seminal event from primary sources, many never published before. It includes new maps using current day roads and identifies many sites in Greenburgh. The positions of the 9,000 Continental and French troops throughout Greenburgh are described in detail. How they marched, how they were supplied and the important decisions made by the two generals, Washington and Rochambeau, are told from their diaries and the words of many who served in 1781.

Link to video on Odell House Rochambeau Headquarters https://youtu.be/oI0eQL1MfzI

CEREMONY TURNING OVER ODELL HOUSE TO GREENBURGH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FffAD-fW1y4

Jointly funded by a grant from NYS Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, the Town of Greenburgh and the Friends of Odell House Rochambeau Headquarters, it is available as a free download. It can be downloaded at www.odellrochambeau.org or here https://drive.google.com/file/d/11JrhuMb8R20_t9ecoa22tfOf8lBmca9D/view?ts=5efdf355

The Philipsburg Encampment by R Selig.pdf - Google Drive



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