In 2016 the Town of Greenburgh underwent an important and necessary reassessment project. All properties were assessed at 100% of full market value. It is the goal of the Town to maintain its original investment in the 2016 project by continuing to maintain accurate property assessments. In accordance with best practices and following New York State Real Property requirements for Cyclical Reassessments the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Assessment Rolls were kept at 100% of market value by applying market trends based on sales.  

The 2021 Roll requires a complete Reassessment. Reassessment means developing and reviewing a new determination of market value for each parcel, based on current data. While in 2016 we collected inventory from all properties, for the 2021 Reassessment project, we are reviewing data from all properties, however (different from the 2016 Reassessment Project), we are only performing physical inspections on those properties for which we find discrepancies/errors or have recent building permits.

Having accurate property data is essential to a successful reassessment. The end goal is to have all properties valued correctly and consistently. Just as it is necessary for an appraiser to inspect, measure and photograph your property when performing a valuation (for mortgage purposes), this same information is also needed in a reassessment. Since we will be comparing the physical attributes of properties to those properties that have recently sold, if property descriptions are incorrect or are incomplete, it will be difficult to obtain meaningful valuations. When data is erroneous or missing, estimates of value can become skewed which can lead to confusion and frustration for property owners.

This property information will be supplemented and enhanced, based on a review of the Town’s existing property records, as well as the information obtained through the exterior inspection of your property and responses to a data mailer. The data mailer is a listing of the inventory currently on record for all properties. We will be mailing the data mailer between August and September 2020.

The data mailer is our primary means of including all property owners in the reassessment process. We ask that you respond to the data mailer confirming the accuracy of the inventory we have collected for your property.

After all records are updated and discrepancies are resolved, the valuation process will commence. Based on the data collected, along with an analysis of recent sales of similar homes in your neighborhood, we will utilize a computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) technique to estimate every home’s current market value.

This data mailer is being sent to you so that the Town of Greenburgh can verify the accuracy of the data being used to value your property during the Town-wide reassessment project. Please check this information and note any discrepancies. This information may not reflect data collected as a result of recent building permits. Current building permits will be reviewed and parcel inventory will be updated later in the process. If you require any assistance in completing your response, please call Tyler Technologies at (914) 231-8250

All property owners are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review the information listed and provide corrections to data presented in the mailer in the event of discrepancies. We ask that you please acknowledge, sign and return the data mailers even if the data is correct no later than October 17, 2020 to:   

Reassessment Project OfficeBelasco Room, 177 Hillside Ave, Greenburgh NY 10607

Important Reassessment Information Videos

Click on the following link to view the Hartsdale Neighborhood Association Facebook live meeting 4/28/21 (you must have facebook to view):  Hartsdale Neighborhood Association meeting 4/28/21