Councilwoman Ellen Hendrickx

Ellen Hendrickx has lived within the boundaries of the Town of Greenburgh for almost twenty years; the first fourteen in the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson and the last six in unincorporated Greenburgh (though with a Hastings P.O.). 

She has served as Chair of the Hastings-on-Hudson Democratic Committee since 2010 and was a District Leader for approximately four years before that. Her time spent as a volunteer in Hastings-on-Hudson includes serving as a member of the Hastings Architectural Review Board for approximately five years and appointment as a member of the Hastings-on-Hudson Comprehensive Plan Committee in 2007 which was submitted in 2011.

After working with County Legislator MaryJane Shimsky on the campaign for her special election bid at the end of 2010, Ellen was offered a part time position as her Legislative Aide which became effective after the Legislator took office in early 2011. As a Legislative Aide to Legislator Shimsky, Ellen multi-tasks; maintaining a busy meeting schedule, overseeing constituent affairs, coordinating intergovernmental services and researching and developing legislative initiatives.

At the beginning of 2018, Ellen began working for the Board of Legislators as a full time employee with the added job of Committee Coordinator for the Public Works Committee while continuing as Legislative Aide. The added responsibilities entail familiarity with a broad range of infrastructure projects, their impact on budget and interface with the Departments of Public Works & Transportation, Parks, Recreation & Conservation and Environmental Facilities, to name a few. Additionally, she is the Committee Coordinator for both the Saw Mill River Watershed and Bronx River Watershed Advisory Boards; interfacing with advocacy agencies such as Riverkeepers, Groundworks Hudson Valley and the Bronx River Alliance, along with the local governments in both watersheds.

Prior to her work in government, Ellen was a founding partner of an architectural and design firm which was located in New York City for 20 years, and which specialized in corporate architecture; a practice she continued on a limited basis during her time as a part time employee at the Board of Legislators. She worked collaboratively with large multinational firms which required familiarity with business operations across a broad spectrum; from integrating multi-facility co-locations in the United States and overseas, to establishing new paradigms of operation and executing the necessary planning and design to support those models. Her background includes creating office spaces, some in excess of 200,000 square feet; supervising the completion of architectural plans; negotiating costs for goods and services with landlords and contractors; working with mechanical and structural engineers and administrating and coordinating construction. Essential to those efforts were the skills learned to problem solve and to work collaboratively across a broad spectrum of key players.

Ellen is solution oriented. Listening, and more importantly, hearing what each of the stakeholders deem most important, and reconciling sometimes contrary concerns, have added to her skills – enabling her  to prioritize issues and find solutions that most suit the project or issue at hand; a skill which has been translatable in dealing with constituent concerns.   

Her years as a staff member at the Board have given her insight into the inner workings of government and the due diligence required to participate. She has had extensive interaction with elected officials and their staff members from local, state, and federal offices. She has dealt substantively with the diversity of issues that come before the Town Board such as land use issues; including zoning and planning and the oversight of operating departments that deliver the day-to-day services that residents rely on.She has proven that she can be a reliable team player and also can take initiative and lead.

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    Ellen Hendrickx

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