Slowly Growing: 1950 to Present Day

Tragedy Strikes: 1950

In 1950, the department suffered its second tragedy when on August 19th, Police Officer John Edward Brunner, while checking the house of a vacationing resident, was set upon by a swarm of bees and stung repeatedly. Although Officer Brunner managed to obtain medical attention, he died later that day of anaphylactic shock.

Groundbreaking Ceremonies: 1956

By 1948 the department had grown by only a few men, attaining a strength of twenty-three officers but in the next several years, the number of personnel increased dramatically and its Tarrytown Road Headquarters soon became inadequate. Groundbreaking ceremonies for the current police headquarters took place on October 9, 1956 and the official Opening Day Ceremony occurred on September 9, 1958.

Expanding Facilities: 1975

The department would continue to grow necessitating further expansion of its facilities. In fact, since the opening of the new police headquarters facility, there have been three additions to the original building. In 1975, a new garage was added and in 1989 an addition to the front of the building to house the Communications Room was erected as was the Court’s Jail Holding Facility. In mid 1994, a major expansion of more than 6,000 square feet was begun which was completed in the summer of 1995.

Car Accident: 1984

On July 20th, 1984, misfortune yet again struck the department in the form of a car accident in which Police Officer James Carozza was killed. Officer Carozza, while assisting other police units in attempting to stop a stolen vehicle, was killed instantly when he lost control of his vehicle in a collision with a second car. Ironically, the stolen vehicle that was being pursued then struck Officer Carozza’s disabled police cruiser, which terminated the pursuit and resulted in the apprehension of the violator.

Authorized Strength: Current Day

From its humble beginnings in 1910, the Greenburgh Police Department has grown into an agency with an authorized strength of 115 sworn officers utilizing more than 50 vehicles and six bicycles and supported by a staff of 28 full time and 14 part time civilians.

Employing the latest in computer technology in the performance of its mission, the department is considered one of the most progressive, efficient and technologically advanced law enforcement agencies in the state. It is also unique in that it is one of only a few police agencies within New York to provide emergency medical services to its constituents.