Pool Policies

A Town Unicard is required for pool entrance.

Contact the registration office at 914-989-1811 for more details.

Storm & Foul Weather Policy

Hotline number: 914-989-1833. Call this number for updated program announcements and inclement weather announcements.

If the pool is unable to open at 9 a.m. due to inclement weather:

  • An attempt will be made to open at noon.
  • A sign will be posted at the front gate.

If the pool will not open at noon, a final attempt to open will be made at 4 p.m. If the pool is unable to open at 4 p.m.:

  • The pool is closed for the day.
  • No evening programs or classes will take place.
  • A sign will be posted at the front gate.

Storms During Normal Hours

During normal operating hours, if one of the following is observed – lightning, hail, severe rain storm or thunder:

  • Patrons will be instructed to clear pool and deck areas.
  • The pool will not reopen for at least one half hour after the cessation of the weather conditions noted above and 45 minutes after lightning.
  • In the event of a continuation of foul weather conditions, the decision to close the pool will be left to the discretion of the Pool Director and the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation.

 Pool Rules & Regulations

  • No running on deck.
  • Diving is only allowed from the diving boards within the tank area. There is no running allowed on the diving boards. Only one person at a time is allowed on the boards, each person is allowed one bounce on the boards.
  • In the competitive pool, lane 6 is to be used by children for lap swimming only.
  • Toys are only allowed in the interactive pool. There are no scooters, roller blades or skating on deck with shoes that have wheels. Toy guns and water pistols are prohibited throughout all park facilities.
  • Flotation devices and aqua socks are only allowed in the interactive pool. All use of devices in the pools are subject to the Aquatics Directors discretion.
  • No foreign objects or materials are allowed within the red brick line (i.e.:, chairs, strollers, towels, food, drink, etc.), and no personal radio playing in public.
  • No throwing or bouncing balls within the pool facility.
  • Clothing is not allowed in the pools. White T-shirts are permissible. If there are any special situations please contact the pool director.
  • No horseplay is allowed in the pools (i.e, piggy back rides, wrestling, etc.).
  • No hanging on the lane lines or off the corners of the diving tank.
  • Patrons cannot enter or exit the main pool via the diving tank.
  • No sitting on the ladders, sliding down the railing or congregating on or near the pool ladders.
  • Masks that cover the nose are not allowed in the water. Facemasks are allowed only in the lap pool.


  • "Household Pass." This pass allows any two resident adults and their children 21 years of age and under, that reside at the same residence, the opportunity to receive a pass.
  • All non-resident caregivers have to pay the daily guest rate to enter the aquatics facility. To enter, you will have to show the resident child's valid pass at the gate. Caregivers who are caring for resident children age 2 and younger can request a special (free) pass, for the resident child, so they can also utilize the facility. A special request can also be filled out by a resident to gain access for other circumstances. Please call 989-1810 for more information.
  • Youth ages 14 and older are allowed to enter the facility alone. Children under the age of 14 must enter with an adult age 18 and over and must be supervised by that adult.
  • A maximum of 10 people are allowed to enter the facility per household on any one day. If more than ten people want to enter the facility, there must be prior approval from a Commissioner. A special request must be filled out. Please call 989-1810 for more information.
  • Unicards are required to have a photo on file to access the pool.

Lounge Chair Policy 

The department has a limited supply of lounge chairs available on deck at the Anthony F. Veteran Park Pool. These chairs are available at a charge of $4 per chair. Payment to be made at the front gate with receipt and the Town Unicard given to attendant on deck (two chairs per family limit.)