Ceremonial Unit

Unit Overview

The Town of Greenburgh Multi-Jurisdictional Police Department Ceremonial Unit was established in 2004. The Ceremonial Unit commonly referred to as an Honor Guard consists of 10 officers from, The Town of Greenburgh as well as The Villages of Dobbs Ferry, Irvington and Hastings on Hudson.

Honor Guard Patch

The officer’s involved have volunteered their efforts to establishing a higher standard of professionalism to render honors, preserve tradition and instill pride.


The Ceremonial Unit is attached to the Department’s Staff Services Division and consists of Police Officers that are trained to provide the Police Departments within the Town of Greenburgh with the services of:

  • Casket Team: Carries the remains of fallen Officers, and retired Officers from the funeral home and church to the cemetery, they also provide the Casket Watch during wakes and viewings
  • Color Team: Used to post, present or display, the National and State, Flag, at a multitude of ceremonies and events
  • Rifle Team: Used in funerals and memorial ceremonies to provide the traditional “Three Rifle Volley” rifle salute., additionally they provide the Color Guards for the Flag Team
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The Ceremonial Unit performs at functions such as Memorial Day services, Veterans Day services, and graduations, and many other functions throughout the year.