Training Unit

With today’s changing social climate and the ever growing potential for civil liability all police departments are required to maintain a pro-active approach to police training. A well-trained police officer will not only benefit their police department, but the public which they are sworn to protect.

Training Unit Overview

The Town of Greenburgh Police Department continually strives to maintain the highest standards of professionalism for all of its sworn officers and civilian employees. To that end, the attainment of highly trained police officers remains a fundamental goal of the Greenburgh Police Department.


The Training Unit is entrusted with the responsibility of planning, developing and executing all training programs for the 116 sworn officers and 48 civilian employees of the Greenburgh Police Department and the 20 members of the Auxiliary Police Department. All training curriculum meets or exceeds the objectives of the Division of Criminal Justices Services of the State of New York.


There are two full time officers assigned to the Training unit along with seventeen other officers who are utilized, as needed, to assist in the instructional process. Not only do Greenburgh Police instructors teach personnel of this Department, they also assist with instruction of veteran and rookie police officers at the Westchester County Police Academy, located in Valhalla, New York.