Staff Services

The responsibilities of the Staff Services Division are diverse in nature. Briefly stated, they are to support the line functions of the department, oversee the purchase and implementation of department equipment and provide the services of the following specialized units to our community.

The Greenburgh Police Department is headed by Detective Michael  Marino and Systems Administrator Frank DellAccio.


The Information Technology personnel are responsible for:

  • The Computer-Aided Dispatch and Records Management Systems
  • Maintenance of the department’s I.T. network including security
  • Police in-car mobile devices
  • License Plate Reader technology
  • Other associated equipment which puts our department on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology
  1. Ceremonial Unit
  2. Crime Prevention Unit
  3. Records & Licensing Unit
  4. Traffic & Safety
  5. Training Unit

The Multi-Jurisdictional Ceremonial Unit is tasked with providing ceremonial support for special events and memorials in the Town and it's Villages.