Learn to Swim


Swim instruction is offered for all ages and swim levels. Each programs is arranged based on age group except the Saturday Learn to Swim Program. The classes within each program are subdivided according to swim levels. Swim instruction combines water adjustment skills, individual and combined swim skills.

Aquatics programs are not designed to replace the supervision of children by an adult in an aquatic environment. Adult supervision of children in the aquatic environment is always needed.

Make-up classes will only be provided for cancellations made by the department staff. Make-up for water exercise classes will be conducted the next calendar days on Tuesday or Thursday. Times are to be announced.

General information

All swimmers must wear bathing caps in the pool. The pool temperature ranges from 80 to 82 degrees and Program information is subject to change without notice.

  1. Parent - Tot
  2. Pre-School
  3. Saturday Youth
  4. Weekday Youth

This class provides a time for parents to get into the water with their children, enjoy the water and learn basic skills. This class will not make your children water safe but it should allow them the opportunity to learn to feel comfortable in the water.

  • Ages: 6 months to 3 years
  • Enrollment: Maximum of 15 participants
  • Registration: Online and on-site registration