Venue Rentals

Facilities Request Form Submission Instructions

  1. Download Facilities Request Form (PDF)
  2. Complete both pages of Request Form (Mobile devices cannot be used to complete the request form)
    1. (Page 1) Complete form through the It is understood that… portion of the form
    2. (Page 2) Complete the “Release of Liability” portion of the form
  3. Save the completed form to your computer
  4. Email the completed form as an attachment to Donel Dinkins.
  5. Request Forms must be completed fully to be considered


Upon approval, you will receive an email from Donel Dinkins (with your approved request attached) outlining any/all terms that may apply.

Please note - we will only accept and process request forms. according to the instructions. Please do not send scanned, hand written versions, or pictures of the Request Form as they will not be considered.