Success!  Beginning in February 2014 the Town of Greenburgh began installing new water meters.  The new meters have now been installed in 97% of the homes and businesses across Greenburgh.  This is a terrific achievement and the Town is already seeing the following benefits:
• Conservation:  The new meters help detect water leaks.  In fact, they have already identified leaks that were wasting anywhere from 100 to 10,000 gallons of water per day.  Conserving water is great for the environment and helps residents/business owners lower their water bills. 
• Improved Customer Service:  The new water meters automatically provide usage information to the Town.  This means the Town can now answer questions about water consumption/billing from residents/business owners based on almost real-time meter information. 
• Infrastructure Maintenance:  The increased efficiency of the new meters means more resources can be focused on the maintenance of the Town’s water infrastructure.  Improved maintenance significantly increases the reliability of the Town’s water supply.
• Controlling Water Costs:  Improved conservation is now possible with the new water meters and resultant reduced meter reading costs. The ability to improve maintenance activities will help to limit water rate increases
Additionally, the water meters will eventually make it possible for customers to pay water bills online.  Look for more information about online payments during 2016.
For the curious, water meter installations will continue until all the old meters have been retired. 

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