1.      A driver’s license AND one of the following items which must indicate a current date:


a)      Car registration,

b)      Household bill, i.e.; Con Edison or cable,

c)      Oil or furniture delivery receipt,

d)      Social security check with address,

e)      Retirement check with address,

f)        Social service voucher with address, or

g)      Medicare/Medicaid card with address

2.      When no driver’s license is produced, a picture I.D. and TWO of the above suggested proofs are required.


3.      When a town resident has just moved into town, they need to present;

a)      Photo I.D. and;

b)      TWO of the following: notice to turn on Con Edison, telephone, cable or notice from bank to transfer account address.

PLEASE NOTE:  The department reserves the right to request additional verification and to reject any proof it deems questionable.

What constitutes residency?  A resident is a person who lives in the Town of Greenburgh unincorporated area.  A person’s residency is a dwelling, abode or habitation for a continuance of time.


NOTE:  Owning property in Greenburgh does not necessarily qualify a person as a resident.


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