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Any thing that gets in the path of a raindrop becomes storm water pollution.  Another name for storm water pollution is non-point source pollution.

How is storm water pollution a problem?


Storm water can carry sediment, trash, automotive fluids like used oil and antifreeze, grass clippings, leaves, yard waste, excess fertilizers, animal waste, pesticides and anything else that gets in its way.


There are several things citizens can do to prevent storm water pollution.

¨     Never dump anything down a storm drain.  All storm drains flow directly to creeks and lakes.

¨     Check your car for oil or other leaks

¨     Pick up after your pets.  Dispose of animal waste properly in a trash receptacle or flush it down the toilet.

¨     Apply fertilizers and pesticides exactly where you want them.  Avoid over spraying them onto sidewalks, driveways or streets.

Reducing Runoff

¨     Redirect roof gutters to lawns, natural areas or rain gardens.




¨     Sweep up yard debris instead of washing it away.

¨     Blow leaves and grass clippings back into your yard instead of leaving them in the street to wash down the storm drain.


¨     Keep invasive plants from growing in your yard.  Remove them before they have a chance to grow and spread.


¨     Clear clogged storm drains.  Blocked drains cause drainage problems.

¨     Alert neighbors to the storm water pollution problem.

Is it illegal to pollute the storm drainage system?


(2)    Landscape irrigation.

(4)    Uncontaminated, pumped groundwater.

(6)    Foundation drains.

(8)    Irrigation water.

(10)  Lawn watering.

(12)  Street wash water.

<span style="color: blue; font-family:;" times="" new="" ar-sa;"="" en-us;="" 10.0pt;="" roman";="" "times="" 13pt;="">(13)  Flows from emergency fire and rescue operations other than those resulting from negligence on the part of the person who owned or controlled the pollutant

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