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A fun way to spend new years day --on the ice at Crane's pond in Old Edgemont great ice skating
Release Date: January 01, 2018

One of the towns most beautiful ponds is located in Old Edgemont, south of the Hartsdale train station (off of Pipeline Road and Edgemont Road).  The pond is sometimes used as an ice skating area when it is very cold.  The pond was open today for ice skating.  Ice thickness is 5.5 inches and the ice is smooth. The public should be warned to dress for the cold weather to avoid frost bite. 

As long as the ice remains we can maintain the minimum 4 inch thickness. Forecast is for a couple of cold weeks so this could be a nice little stretch of time for skaters.   Challenge will be to keep the ice smooth and hope it doesn't snow. 

Our Greenburgh parks department checks the ice daily. We drill into the ice and then measure the ice depth.  

If you and your kids enjoy skating you'll  have a great week at the pond!


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