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Release Date: April 13, 2010

Please take the time out of your schedule on Wednesday to speak at a public hearing at the Westchester County Center. The county is considering the possibility of eliminating the Westchester-NY express bus route. Other routes may also see funding eliminated.
The hearing will be held Wednesday, April 14th from 2-5 and from 7-9 at the Westchester County Center. You will have three minutes per person to speak. To accomodate residents who enjoy attending Town Board meetings - theTown Board meeting will start a half hour late--at 8 PM so you can testify at the beginning of the public hearing and then come to our Town Board meeting.
1) Central Ave property values will decline if the route is discontinued. Many residents purchased their homes because of the proximity to the bus stops.
2) Area train station parking lots may not be able to accomodate the additional parking. Commuters who currently live on or near Central Ave don't need a car to get to work. If the route is eliminated that will change --more parking garages/spots will have to be built----------costing the taxpayers many millions of dollars. PENNY WISE, POUND FOOLISH.
3) Our roads will be more congested if public transportation is eliminated. Those who ride the bus will take their cars during rush hour to train stations, causing additional traffic congestion.
4) Some area train stations do not have elevators (example: Hartsdale). These stations are not very accessible to the disabled. The bus is easier to use by the disabled and elderly.
5) On 9-11 many commuters appreciated the convenience of the commuter bus and used the bus to escape from the city. In the event of another emergency it's nice to know that we don't have to depend on the trains to get in and out of the city.
6) Some Central Ave merchants will see a decline in business if shoppers who use the bus discontinue giving our local shops their business. That means reduced sales tax revenue to the county and local communities --and more property taxes. Yonkers Raceway will also be hurt if the route is eliminated.
7) Rail service may decline --the lack of competition could cause Metro North to look the other way when they have problems. In 1982 I started Westchester's first express bus to NYC. The conditions on the train were horrible: air conditioning/heating problems, commuters packed like sardines, trains getting stuck inside the tunnel for long periods of time, frequent delays and trains breaking down. The initiation of the commuter bus led to improvements in the rail--thanks to competition. Rail service benefits when Metro North realizes that we have other alternatives.
8) If businesses go under because they are losing shoppers, Central Ave property owners may file tax certiorari's--costing taxpayers even more money.
9) Some commuters (without cars) will have a much more difficult time getting to work --and may lose their jobs if the bus route is eliminated.
These are just a few reasons why this important route should be saved. Please attend the hearing Wednesday.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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