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Leaf and Scofflaw Enforcement
Release Date: November 05, 2009

Now that Leaf Season is full swing, the Police Department would like to remind residents that piling leaves in the street is against the law.  Leaves piled in the streets create hazards by narrowing the travelled portion of the roadway, reducing site distances and obscuring youngsters playing in and around them.  Leaves should be piled off the roadway abutting the curb or road surface.  Residents and landscapers who pile leaves in the street risk receiving a summons.  Additionally, in response to learning that the Town Court had $2.7 million in outstanding fines and penalties on unpaid parking tickets owed to it, the Town Board earlier this year adopted a new law aimed at recovering these funds and encouraging people to answer any summonses they might receive in a timely fashion .  Under the law, the registered owners of vehicles against which three or more parking tickets have been issued which remain unanswered for a period of 45 days of the appearance date or dates shown on the summonses are now liable to have their vehicle towed and impounded.  To recover an impounded vehicle, owners must either satisfy their fines and penalties or post cash security against the amount of fines and penalties owed as well as pay all towing, administrative and storage fees.  The Police Department is now aggressively enforcing this law and several vehicles have already been impounded.  To avoid the inconvenience and expense associated with having a vehicle towed, people who have unanswered parking tickets are encouraged to contact the Town Court and make arrangements to satisfy the fines and penalties owed.  John A. Kapica, Chief of Police           

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