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Homeland Towers wants to lease space on Taxter Road to enhance wireless communications
Release Date: February 02, 2017

Residents who reside off of Taxter Road in E Irvington have complained - over the years - about lack of cell service. At the Town Board meeting on Tuesday morning members of the Town Board heard a presentation from representatives of Homeland Towers to lease space at a town owned property (near the Taxter Road park0 for a cell tower.  The discussion with the Town Board can be watched by clicking on the following link:



The proposal made by Homeland Towers, LLC is to lease space at the Town owned property along Taxter Road that is currently a capped landfill. The proposal is for an initial term of ten years with up to nine renewal terms of five years each. As consideration the Town would receive a minimum rent of $2000.00 per month with 2% annual increase or 35% of gross revenue of rents received from collocators on the tower, whichever is greater. The Town Board has not yet determined whether we want to refer this to the Antenna Review Board or whether to consider the lease.  We're seeking community input. Inasmuch as this is totally discretionary on the part of the town - we have the ability to propose a counter offer re: terms.


The tower would be designed to support colocation of the wireless carriers, as well as the Town’s Emergency Services equipment. The top of the tower and space within the secure fenced compound  would be reserved for the Town’s use throughout the term of the lease at no cost to the Town.   Accordingly, the facility will  remedy gaps in wireless and emergency service communications in order to increase public safety.  Homeland Towers is willing to design the site to have the appearance of an evergreen tree in order to eliminate any perceived aesthetic impact. The site will be in accordance with all FCC safety guidelines.


Please find below an analysis of the potential revenue from the Tower for the first  40 years of the Lease under three scenarios:

1.       One carrier: 1.45 million

2.       2 carriers:  Second carrier added in year two paying $3000 per month =  1.49 million

3.       4 carriers.  Second Carrier in year two, third carrier in year four and fourth carrier in year 5 each paying rent of $3000.00 = 2.733 million


The final design of the facility would be subject to review under the Town’s Zoning Code. 


Your thoughts are welcome. Feel free to e mail townboard@greenburghny.com. If you live in the E Irvington section of town your feedback would be most appreciated.





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