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Release Date: January 19, 2008

GOOD NEWS... LIBRARY DROP OFF BOX SAVED! The Greenburgh Library has reconsidered their plans to remove the library drop off box on E Hartsdale Ave. This convenient box is located across the Hartsdale train station. Library patrons can drop off library books/video's that were taken out. Thank you--Greenburgh Library for continuing this service.
CYBERMOBILE/SUNDAY HOURS NEED TO BE RESTORED? The Greenburgh Town Board will discuss the need to restore the cybermobile/Sunday hours at our work session this Tuesday at 2 PM. Meetings are open to the public and are held at Town Hall. Work sessions are now televised on local public access TV.
SHOULD ELECTED OFFICIALS HAVE SOME OVERSIGHT OVER NON ELECTED LIBRARY BD MEMBERS---One of the issues that must be discussed is the roles of the elected Town Board and the unelected Library Board. The elected Town Board provided the Library Board with funding for the cybermobile and Sunday hours. The unelected Library Board decided to use the funds allocated for the cybermobile/Sunday hours for other purposes. I believe that some of the library purchases/spending could be deferred until after the new library opens. The Library claims that under NYS law they do not have to listen to the Town Board. They can shift funds for any purposes --even if the Town Board disagrees. How can elected officials oversee budgets if we have no control over significant aspects of town budgets? If the Town Board objects to out of state travel expenses, salary increases over the cost of living, additional hirings - we cannot do anything about our concerns --according to the Library Board. The law should be changed.
If the Library Board wants to be independent of the Town Board they should create a special library district. I would support a Library district. It would remove the library from political interference. Library Board members would be elected by the people. Library budgets would be voted annually by the people. The library would be accountable to you, the taxpayers.

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