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Release Date: December 30, 2007

I received a letter from the President of the Library Board advising that there will be a vacancy on the Library Board. Ginger Grant, a member of the Library Board, is resigning. The Town Board is required, by law, to make the appointment which will expire in December, 2011. If you are interested in being considered please e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com and cc townboard@greenburghny.com.

This Board is important. Unlike other Boards – the Library Board is semi independent. The Town Board approves a budget for the library. The library has the ability to shift funds without obtaining approval by the Town Board. For example—we can fund the cybermobile. The Library Board could then cut the cybermobile and use the funds that we identified for the cybermobile for any other purpose they choose. The library claims it is “an independent autonomous and education corporation charted by the Board of Regents” and does not have to answer to the Town Board once it receives a budget.

Last week the Library Board decided to eliminate the cybermobile and to close the library on Sunday’s. I strongly object to these cuts. They are not necessary. I feel that many of the library purchases could/should be deferred until AFTER the new library opens. Construction will not be completed until at least October, 2008. I am interested in knowing how potential candidates for this vacancy feel about both the cybermobile and Sunday hours.

I would also be interested to know Library Board candidates views on creating an independent Library District. An independent library district would have their annual budgets approved by the voters each year. And, Library Board members would be elected by the people.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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