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Update on Proposed Local Laws Regarding (1) East Hartsdale Avenue Snow Parking Regulations
Release Date: November 28, 2007

Dear Greenburgh Residents:

Based on emails I have received there seems to be some confusion regarding the proposed local law and the public hearing regarding Snow Parking Regulations for East Hartsdale Avenue as well as the proposed local law and public hearing regarding leaf piles in the street. I was able to work with Police Chief John Kapica in revising both proposals based on the public comments heard at the public hearings and those changes are reflected in documents posted on the town’s Web site. (Note: These proposed local laws do not change the regulations in the town’s six villages because parking and snow regulations are set by each village’s Board of Trustees, not the Town Board.)

Proposed Local Law Regarding East Hartsdale Avenue Snow Parking Regulations:

Click on EHA Snow Parking Regulations Proposed Local Law 2007nov23B for the proposed local law.

Although the public hearing regarding the East Hartsdale Avenue (EHA) snow regulations proposal was closed at the last Town Board meeting, the Town Board at yesterday’s work session decided to not vote on the proposal at tonight’s (11/28) meeting until after the public comment period. Everyone is invited to speak during that comment period. Even though the comments will not be part of the “official” EHA snow parking public hearing record, because the public hearing on this issue was closed at the last meeting, the Town Board can make minor amendments to the proposal prior to voting, if necessary.

It is the current intention of the board, unless substantive issues are raised at tonight’s meeting, to vote on a local law regarding EHA snow parking regulations. If adopted as proposed, it will not be necessary to remove vehicles on East Hartsdale Avenue between 1 AM to 6 AM starting December 1 unless a “snow emergency” has been declared. When a snow emergency has been declared, vehicles may not be parked on East Hartsdale Avenue until the “snow emergency” has been lifted. The proposed local law only changes the parking regulations for East Hartsdale Avenue.

The proposed law local in its original form was recommended by residents of the avenue. Residents have been made aware of the potential inconvenience of relocating vehicles on the avenue for extended periods and the potential impact to EHA businesses. Safeguards have been built into the current proposal in case it produces an undesirable effect. The Greenburgh Police Chief and the Commissioner of Public Works have endorsed the current proposal on a trial basis.

Proposed Local Law Regarding Piling Leaves in the Street

The revised proposed local law regarding Leaf Piles has also been posted on the town’s Web site. Click on Leaf Pile Proposed Local Law 2007nov23C.

Piling leaves in the street has been prohibited for a very long time because of the hazard they create for pedestrians and motorists, and children who may play in them. Currently a police officer or other code enforcement officer must see the pile being created in order to issue a violation. The proposed law will create a “rebuttable presumption” that a leaf pile in front of a property was placed there by the owner, lessee or management agent of that property.

It is not the intention of the board to vote on the proposed leaf pile local law tonight because a substantive change was recently added to the proposed law. That change requires another public hearing. In response to a recommendation by a resident, a provision was added that prohibits the placement of leaves in front of another person’s property and doubles the fines for doing so. Comments regarding the proposed local law, with the substantial change, will be heard at the next Town Board meeting during the new public hearing.

Of course, you may always email your comments to me (FSheehan@GreenburghNY.com) or the entire Town Board (TownBoard@GreenburghNY.com), especially if you cannot make it the meeting. I hope the above has been helpful.

Francis Sheehan, Councilman
Town of Greenburgh

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