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NEW Greenburgh hydrogen facility providing training to mechanics on GM vehicles
Release Date: November 15, 2007

Earlier this week there were news reports of the opening of a hydrogren station in White Plains. Greenburgh is also in the forefront of hydrogen technology. A new tenant of the premises across from the former Ciba facility on 9A (not in a residential area) is the General Motors Training Center that relocated from Route 9 in Tarrytown. The facility provides training on the engines to mechanics and technicians on GM vehicles powered on both gasoline and hydrogen. There is a small tank on the property for hydrogen storage that is protected by concrete bollards. Unlike the proposal on Cental Ave where hydrogen was to be produced onsite, the hydrogen at this facility will be brought in by truck. The Greenburgh Fire Inspector Larry Desimone had meetings with the Hastings Fire Chief. Together they visited the site.

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