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Release Date: November 05, 2007

SUPERVISOR FEINER’S PROPOSED 23+% TAX INCREASE IS UNACCEPTABLE. We, the Town Council, Eddie Mae Barnes, Steve Bass, Diana Juettner and Francis Sheehan, will work to restore fiscal responsibility to the Town of Greenburgh.

For months, Paul, the town’s Chief Fiscal Officer, has been taking credit for cutting taxes the past two years and has been promising many new initiatives for the years ahead. However, late Tuesday he announced that taxpayers in unincorporated Greenburgh were facing a 23+% TAX INCREASE and NO NEW PROGRAMS in 2008. As the Chief Fiscal Officer of the town, Paul must have known throughout the spring and summer that this dramatic and unacceptable increase was on the horizon, but he waited until last week to tell you, the taxpayers, and us, the Town Council.

Did Paul ever tell you the town’s fund balance was severely depleted and would not be used to offset tax hikes this year? NO. Did Paul accept responsibility for having used the fund balance to the point where the town would have no cushion? NO. Was Paul honest when he promised increased snow shoveling, new sidewalks, taking over the fitness center at Woodlands High School, opening the Ted Young Community Center seven days a week, or updating technology in the town clerk’s office? NO. Did Paul tell you he would defer the start of the Comprehensive Plan when funds for it were already set aside last year? NO. Can Paul deliver on everything he promised you? NO.

Paul refuses to accept responsibility for the tax increase and has unfairly blamed the Town Council. We need to work together to make sure Greenburgh is an affordable place to live. It is the Town Council’s goal to bring taxes down. Over the next few weeks we will go line by line through the budget with each of the department heads to search for needed cuts or additional revenue to reduce the 23+% tax hike Paul is proposing. You deserve nothing less.

Please share your questions and suggestions. We are available at 993-1544 or at TownCouncil@GreenburghNY.com.

Eddie Mae Barnes, Councilwoman

Steve Bass, Councilman

Diana Juettner, Councilwoman

Francis Sheehan, Councilman

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