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Supervisors Report
Release Date: November 10, 2002

ll/8 TOWN BOARD asked to consider earmarking funds from building and application fees for energy conservation initiative in town for retention of part time staff to coordinate and implement energy conservation efforts, provide public education outreach, grant retention, assisting in proposing ADDITIONAL ENERGY CONSERVATION LEGISLATION. To pay for this ENERGY CONSERVATION COORDINATOR I will support increasing fees to conform with fees in surrounding communities.

DISCUSSION: 177 Hillside as our new town hall at Nov l3th Town Board meeting. Contract has been signed to acquire building for $6.9 million (town to receive some furniture and an additional $l00,000 in rent from One Beacon so they can stay in their current facilities till June lst). l77 Hillside cost developer more than $l2 million to build in l992. Current estimated replacement cost would be about $20 million. So, this is a terrific deal for the town. This is being done via friendly purchase agreement, not condemnation. Town Board will be asked at future meeting to authorize the issuance of bonds for acquisition.

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