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Release Date: August 08, 2007

After the bridge accident in Minnesota some citizens contacted me to express concern about conditions of bridges/ramps in Greenburgh. Some of these bridges have been identified as being "intolerable" by the state. Greenburgh Police Chief Kapica contacted the NY State DOT, Office of Structures and spoke to the head of the office. According to the chief - the state may use terms that  sound scary but state/county officials do check the bridges/ramps to make sure that they are safe. This is the pertinent part of an e mail I received from the chief. PAUL FEINER
 spoke to the head of that office George A. Christian, PE.  Mr. Christian assured me that the bridges under his control were safe and frequently inspected although maintenance was an ongoing issue.  He suggested that I contact the Region 8 Director, Joan Dupont, PE for additional information.  Ms. Dupont also reassured me and emphasized the rigid inspection schedule that bridges in New York State are under.  She also stated that bridge standards change quickly which could be responsible for the Railing discrepancies.  She stressed, however, that this does not make the bridge unsafe.  She went on to say that if New York State believed a bridge to be unsafe, it would be closed down until a repair or replacement could be undertaken.  JAK       

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