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Supervisor uses Town email for political attack
Release Date: July 14, 2007

The Town Council is disappointed the Supervisor has chosen to use the Town’s email system for political attacks during a campaign year. That is not what the Town’s email is designed for.


The Town Council – Eddie Mae Barnes, Steve Bass, Diana Juettner and Francis Sheehan – has always been and will continue to be dedicated to addressing quality of life issues including the preservation of green space and protecting the Town from overdevelopment.


The Town Council did not enter into any agreements on this issue. There was no moratorium passed preventing the owners from building on their property. Members of the Town Council as well as the Town Supervisor often meet with members of the community and potential developers about issues that affect a specific area. We met several times with residents of the Fairview Manhattan Apartments and urged that Glenville Community Association President Jon Flores be included in meetings the supervisor was holding with other community members about a proposed supermarket on 119. These meetings are not improper and do not violate the Open Meetings Law.


We believe it is extremely important and appropriate to work together with community members, civic associations and our villages.


The Town Supervisor’s email is part of a long campaign to divide the town and foster dysfunction in its operation.


We invite everyone to contact us with any questions or comments at Towncouncil@greenburghny.com.

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