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Release Date: June 24, 2007

East Hartsdale Ave is slowly coming back to life. Bagels & More re-opened their bagel store today (Saturday). This store is one of the most popular business on the avenue. The owners worked hard trying to re-open and experienced significant financial losses due to the recent flood. Please show your appreciation to Bagels & More for working overtime, trying to re-open by giving them your business.
YESTERDAY-- the Department of Public Works received over a half dozen proposals from qualified consultants interested in bidding to study the reasons why E Hartsdale Ave flooded and to make recommendations. At this coming Wednesday's Town Board meeting the Commissioner will provide us with details re: next steps the town should take regarding the study. The study is important. If we don't take steps to address the causes of the flood the businesses that just re-opened could experience future shutdowns. We need a plan.
THE COUNTY CLERK, Tim Idoni, will be bringing his mobile van to E Hartsdale Ave this Tuesday. You can apply for a passport, obtain info from the county clerk. Call 995 4287 for more info.
REMEMBER SUMMER JAZZ CONCERTS BEGIN SATURDAY JULY 7--every Saturday from noon to 2 at DeSanti Plaza.
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