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Forum On Safety For Seniors
Release Date: October 18, 2002

l0/l8 ANOTHER REASON WHY WE SHOULD SUPPORT ALLOWING VOLUNTEER FIRE, POLICE, AMBULANCE CORP MEMBERS TO JOIN GREENBURGH REC (THEY WOULD PAY SAME FEE AS RESIDENTS OF UNINCORPORATED GREENBURGH)....We must work hard to keep our volunteer departments. If we lose our volunteers your property taxes will go up because we will have to replace the volunteer departments with paid personnel. Compare Elmsford & Fairview's fire department tax rates. Fairview (paid): 75.67 per thousand. Elmsford (volunteer): l0.47 per thousand.

On October 24th from l0:30 to noon the town will sponsor a forum for seniors - providing them with safety tips on how to be more secure. Some seniors requested this forum after the recent homicide on Hillside Ave (arrest was made). Forum: at Theodore Young Community Center. REMINDER: forum on TIPS TO AVOID CHILD ABDUCTIONS FOR PARENTS will be held on October 28th at 7 PM at the Town Hall. Officer Jason Caravaglia and Detective Keith Guerra will speak.

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