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Supervisors Report 9/26/02
Release Date: September 26, 2002

9/26  50 YEAR OLD PROBLEM CLOSE TO BEING SOLVED!   Residents of Babbitt Court have experienced severe flooding problems for over 50 years. Everytime there is a heavy rain residents suffer significant property damage. For over 50 years the town has lobbied, unsuccessfully, for flood control relief. The Army Corp of Engineers has studied the problem for years---studies, studies, studies, studies. No action. This week we learned that FEMA has approved $859,500 to elevate homes on Babbitt Court. This is a major action step that will help residents tremendously. Persistence pays off!  There is a 25% local share. The town is working on a number of possibilities.

Town Supervisor appoints Gerry Iagallo to serve as Acquisition and Development Coordinator for the town hall/library and expansion efforts. At the Town Board meeting on 9/25 the Town Board approved a resolution authorizing the Town Attorney to accept proposals for outside legal representation in possible acquisition (purchase or condemnation) of l77 Hillside Ave. We also authorized a title search of l77 Hillside Ave and will begin soliciting proposals from architects, engineers and others re: town hall/library project.

CABLE TV ADVISORY BOARD SUBMITS FORMAL RECOMMENDATION TO TOWN BOARD. Among recommendations: create a truly independent board that will be insulated from the appearances of political interference. Create new position of access station manager to work with cable operations engineer. Town has signed a 2 year lease at 297 Knollwood Road for new cable TV station HQ. I support the recommendations.

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