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2007 capital budget to be released today
Release Date: March 23, 2007

I plan to release the proposed 2007 capital budget today. The capital budget, in its entirety will be posted on our web site: www.greenburghny.com by early next week.  The recommended budget: $5,548,000. Highlights include:

$103,500 for Geographical Information System—upgrading the GIS system.The town and villages will have the ability to share data, significantly reduce the duplication of town/village services and enhance the functionality of digital communication between all departments within the town and villages. We will be able to expand the connection between the town and villages regarding emergency services – mutual assistance, ambulance, fire and police.

$15,500 THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA – for use in finding victims that are in collapsed buildings or to locate a suspect or hostage in a building during a tactical operation.Also, to find victims at accident scenes in heavily wooded areas.

$55,000  REPLACEMENT OF POOL ROOF at TheodoreYoungCommunity Center. Pool was originally constructed in 1982. Funding required for asbestos abatement

.$487,000  RUMBROOK PARK UPGRADE  The existing facilities have been developed over a landfill previously used by the town for debri and leaf composting. The park consists of 2 lighted tennis courts, 4 lighted platform tennis courts, a lighted regulation size basketball court with 4 additional side backboards for half court play, a lighted baseball/softball field, main support building, fitness area. There is a need to rehabilitate the park. This phase will involve parking, drop off/improvements, entrance plaza rehabilitation and landscaping and a dog parkand nature trail rehabilitation.

$70,000- TENNIS COURT REFURFACING – Reconditioning of courts 15 and 16 at AF Veteran Town Park Tennis courts. The courts are in bad condition.

$35,000  YOSEMITEPARK  The pavilion was built in the 1980s and is in need of rehabilitation. The project includes drainage and resurfacing improvements, additional lighting and upgrading roof gutters and leaders.

$62,400  HART’S BROOK PARK AND PRESERVE BARN IMPROVEMENTS   Replace rotted exterior soffits and facias, rehabilitation of garage doors and exterior stucco work. We received a $255,000 grant from the state.

$17,000 INTERNET PROTOCOL CAMERA  The police will have the ability to install a camera for surveillance in high crime areas. The project will allow remote access via broadband wireless applications.

$950,000 TAXTER ROAD MULCH AND YARD WASTE TRANSFER SITE  For many years the town took yard waste, leaves, branches to a site within the town to compost materials. Initially there was a market and the town sold the compost to landscaping contractors. There is now a glut of compost material throughout our region. Annual yard waste continues to be generated unabated. The town has entered into an order on consent decree with the DEC to allow the continuation of use at this location for handling of yard waste collected from unincorporated Greenburgh. Upgrading the site to meet DEC compliance standards requires testing, analysis and a design to modify the existing site and construct a facility that will allow the operation of the site according to DEC regulations.

There are other appropriations in the budget for road, curb and sidewalk rehabilitation/resurfacing, vehicles and machinery, upgrading of HVAC systems, etc.



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