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YOUR HELP WANTED--ask landscapers if they want to bid to help clear sidewalks of snow/ice
Release Date: March 20, 2007

I plan to reach out to landscapers/contractors to get estimates as to what the cost would be to have various sidewalks in the town cleared of snow/ice after a storm. Currently, homeowners are responsible for clearing sidewalks in front of their home.  As readers of this e list know, I believe that our current approach has not worked. Although the town has issued summons to homeowners who do not shovel snow from sidewalks on their property - we continue to have sidewalks that are not safe for pedestrians to walk on ( patches of snow/ice). As a result, some pedestrians walk on roads, not sidewalks after a snow/ice storm. There have been some falls, minor accidents this winter season. It could have been much worst.
I would appreciate it if readers of this e list would reach out to your landscapers/contractors and ask them if they would like to be placed on a bid list -- please provide me with their names/addresses/phone numbers and what neighborhoods they currently service. I will contact them.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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