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Release Date: February 26, 2007

An interesting citizen suggestion from my blog: www. pfeiner.blogspot.com.
 Reach out to Edgemont students and ask them to help clear snow on Ardsley Road sidewalks.  This is a safety issue.There are many pedestrians who walk on Ardsley Road  to get to or from the Scarsdale train station after an ice/snow storm because sidewalks are either slippery or not cleared of snow. Ardsley Road is a very narrow and hilly street. I worry that one day there will be an accident.
I intend to reach out to the Edgemont school district. I will ask if they can help us outreach to students who might be interested in assuming responsibility for the clearing of snow from the sidewalk.  Perhaps, the student council or a service organization affiliated with the schools might help.
If this approach works - we can reach out to students at other school districts and ask them to assume responsibility for clearing snow on other sidewalks throughout the town. I believe that the town should pay the students if they clear sidewalks of snow leading to train stations, schools, bus stops.
* I will ask the town to designate additional space at our Town Hall satellite library for a reading area so that library patrons can read magazines, newspapers, books.
* We will provide the community with an update on the library's plans to use geothermal technology at the library. What is the status of the application before the State DEC?
* At Wednesday evenings Town Board meeting there will be an update on the status of the library construction? When will the construction start? What are the reasons for the delays? The public has the right to know.

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