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Release Date: February 23, 2007

George Coniglio, the coordinator of Senior Citizen Services at the Theodore Young Community Center, is always thinking of new and creative ideas. Last year he initiated an intergenerational senior/toddler Valentine's Day program & other programs --bringing toddlers and seniors together, enjoying the same activities.
George Coniglio's latest initiative:  To increase friendliness and to further efforts to make seniors feel at home - seniors receive a free lunch if they are not greeted with a smile or "Good Morning" by staff. In addition, seniors do not have to wait on line for lunch at the nutrition program. The staff serve food restaurant style to the seniors.
George, a former employee of the month, is the kind of employee most governments want to attract. He treats constituents as if they are VIPs.  The nutrition program serves lunch for seniors at the Theodore Young Community Center on Manhattan Ave. If you're a senior or know a senior - try the program out.
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