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Release Date: February 14, 2007

I was in contact with many residents today - almost everyone had praise for our public works dept for the excellent snow removal work they did. The roads were cleared of snow in a timely manner. The crews worked very hard and deserve our praise & thanks.Many people were pleasantly surprised that the dept not only did a great job clearing the roads of snow but also picked up the papers for recycling as well.
ON ANOTHER MATTER-- I continue to observe commuters walk up and down Ardsley Road. Sidewalks are not always cleared of snow immediately. The town requires the homeowner to clear the snow from the sidewalk. I continue to believe that the town should assume responsibility to clear snow off of Ardsley Road sidewalks. We could take over the responsibility ourselves or contract out to a private business. When the sidewalks are not cleared and sanded, many commuters walk on the street.I have also seen cars skid on Ardsley Road. I worry that a car will one day lose control and hit a commuter walking on Ardsley Rd (not the sidewalk) g to the train or from the train.
I hope that the Town Board will seriously consider taking steps so that the town will either contract out the responsibilities of snow removal on Ardsley Road sidewalks or assume the responsibilitly for this service. I also would support changing our policy for other sidewalks/streets around town.
If you see a commuter walking on Ardsley Road - you might want to take a photo of the incident. E mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com. Perhaps, some photos of this situation might persuade the Town Board to be more understanding of the reasons for this requested change in policy.

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