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Resolution To dedicate 16 Acres of Town Owned Property As Parkland
Release Date: January 11, 2007

I intend to introduce a resolution at the next meeting at our January 24th Town Board meeting dedicating 16 acres of town owned property in East Irvington  as parkland. The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board approved the following resolution in November. The land had been donated by the UnificationChurch.  PAUL FEINER

Below at the November, 2006 Parks and Recreation Advisory Meeting is the resolution passed by the advisory board recommending that the Town Board pass a resolution dedicating 16 acres along Taxter Road as parkland RESOLUTION:  Christian DiPalermo moved that this Board recommend that the Town Board dedicate the 16-acre parcel on Taxter Road that became Town property in June, 2005, be dedicated as “parkland,” and be properly registered with the State.  The Park and Recreation Advisory Board also urges the Town Board to act on this expeditiously.  Frank Jazzo seconded – VOTE UNANIMOUS

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