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CAC favors acquisition of Dromore Road property
Release Date: January 06, 2007

The Conservation Advisory Council issued the following statement regarding the property near the Greenburgh Nature Center. Earlier this week Legislator Tom Abinanti advised town officials that he would be pushing  the county to help the town preserve this land.

At the CAC meeting on Dec. 18, 2006, all present voted in favor of recommending to the Town that every effort be made to assist the Nature Center in acquiring the Dromore Road Property.
While small, this parcel is a link between two larger open spaces; the Nature Center and the Edgemont High School Campus.  When the Town established its Open Space Plan, the importance to local fauna of connecting open space was recognized as an element in identifying land to be acquired. 
Greenburgh is fortunate in having large underdeveloped swath that runs from the Metropolis County Club, to the Woodlands Campus, to the Farm on 100A, to the Ridge Road Park, to Hart's Brook Park, to the Nature Center, Edgemont High School, and the Scarsdale Golf Club.  Every effort should be made to maintain and enhance the connectivity between these sites.
In addition the land would provide direct access from the Edgemont High School to the Nature Center.  The high school and the Nature Center currently run joint programs.
If there is any way the CAC can assist in this acquisition effort, please let us know.
Theresa Mae Tori
Chairperson CAC 

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