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Westchester Disabled on the Move objects to Board of Elections move to Greenburgh
Release Date: December 15, 2006

Mel Tanzman, Executive Director of Westchester Disabled on the Move has visited the proposed Board of Elections location at 450 Saw Mill River Road. Mr. Tanzman indicated that the building was set back from the street and the path from the street to the entrance was too steep to be considered accessible. He expressed concern that if this location housed all of the Board of Elections offices the site will be less accessible to the general public, both able bodied and those with disabilities. The current offices for the Board of Elections are within the hub of county government and are easily accessible to all. Mr. Tanzman indicated that a person traveling south of White Plainswill have to transfer to a second para transit van in White Plains, leading to a much more complicated and time consuming trip. This will discourage voters with disabilities from visiting the Board to take care of their business.  Mr. Tanzman indicated that “if the Board moves all of its functions to the Ardsley or another facility that is not in White Plains, I believe that many of Westchester’s voters, especially those who are low income, disabled and/or elderly will be disenfranchised without a centrally located voter assistance office.”

I had contacted a number of advocates for the disabled at the recommendation of Frank Harrington of the Ardsley School Board. The Ardsley School Board also expressed concern that if the county acquires this property – the school district will lose a substantial amount of school taxes because the property will be off the tax rolls. The county does not have to pay taxes for buildings they own.


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