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Leaf collection ideas and proposed law
Release Date: November 17, 2006

I have been receiving some complaints about the proposed leaf law that will impose fines on property owners who have leaf piles placed on roads/sidewalks in front of their homes. And…I have received some complaints about the leaf collection process.

I have posted some comments about both on my blog and invite your input. Please share your ideas on www.pfeiner.blogspot.com. The Town Board will be holding a hearing on the proposed leaf law this Monday at 7:15 PMat Town Hall.

Among the suggestions offered: 1) Do what Scarsdalehas done—pay landscapers for every load they bring to the dump site. This will reduce the quantity of leaves that town crews have to pick up.  2) Increase overtime for town employees to pick up leaves. Meet with employees to determine how many additional hours they would be willing to work –including weekends. 3) If we still need extra help we should issue an RFP to private contractors and invite them to provide us with cost estimates:  How much will it cost to contract out for their services – to complement our work force.

I have some concerns about the proposed law. I predict that it will create many problems for our public works department.  I want to do the right thing. I welcome your input and suggestions. Blog away!




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