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Release Date: October 15, 2006

My new blog: www.pfeiner.blogspot.com has the potential to be an important tool in our town government. Hundreds of people have  already taken a look at the blog. People who represent different viewpoints are starting to express their views and partner in the decision making process --via our blog site. Those of us in government can always learn from our critics as well as from our friends. The blogsite reminds me of the old fashioned town hall meeting --when citizens had a real voice in government. The town meeting was open government at its best.
To encourage more people to participate in our discussion of the issues - I'm initiating a new feature: periodic questions about issues that residents are interested in. If you have a town topic you'd like to have discussed on our blog -- please e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com. I will review the suggested topics and will include some of the questions on the blog site - encouraging citizen discussion. I would also appreciate it if you would advise me if we can attribute the requested topic/question to you when the question of the day is released.
Thanks so much for being a real partner in our town government. It's appreciated. Let's make Greenburgh the most open government in the United States.

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