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PROMISES MADE IN THE SUMMER HAVEN"T BEEN KEPT..we were promised refunds, but refunds denied..
Release Date: September 12, 2006

After the July storm Con Ed ratepayers who were out of power were promised refunds. Many ratepayers were deprived of electricity for three, four or five days.  I received the attached e mail from the NY State Public Service Commission Chair indicating that ratepayers could  file a claim for the maximum amount of $350 for food spoiled due to lack of refrigeration. This letter was dated September 7, 2006. The letter indicated that receipts are not necessary.
Yesterday I received a number of letters and calls from constituents indicating that they received letters from Con Ed indicating that their claims for the July storm Con Ed outages were denied.

I recall (and others recall) that promises were made after the storm indicating that Westchesterratepayers were entitled to refunds. What is going on? Why is Con Ed denying people refunds when we were told we could  get refunds earlier this summer? Are we being conned?

I will be reaching out to Con Ed, the NY State Public Service Commission, Westchesterofficials demanding that ratepayers who lost power be reimbursed –as had been promised.



PS: Sometimes attachments are deleted from the e list mailings. If you would like a copy of the letter I received from the chair of the State PSC please advise.

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