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Town - citizen - architect - library question and answer session SEPTEMBER 5
Release Date: August 28, 2006

In an effort to make sure that taxpayers get the maximum value for our tax dollars – the  best libraryexpansion possible – a public meeting has been scheduled with the architect of the libraryfor Tuesday, September 5th at 7 PMat GreenburghTown Hall. This meeting will be taking place at the end of the work session of the Town Board.  Residents who have questions about the libraryconstruction/interior design are invited to attend this open meeting. We would appreciate it if questions could be submitted, in writing, before the meeting so that the architect can be prepared.  E mail: pfeiner@greenburghny.com  Additional Questions will be taken from the floor – even if the questions have not been submitted in advance. This is the people’s library. It’s important that all aspects of the libraryconstruction be open and that citizen input be encouraged –before interior design plans are finalized.

In addition…the Greenburgh Town Boardwill be voting on a temporary librarylocation at this meeting. Before the vote there will be a discussion of the various options under consideration.  I am grateful to those who have already contacted me with your suggestions and comments. Your feedback is very much appreciated.


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