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Town approves library site plan
Release Date: August 11, 2006

Last night the Town of Greenburgh approved the amended site plan for the renovation and construction of the Greenburgh Public Library.  This was the final Town approval the project needed to bring the community the library they asked for when approving the $19.8 million referendum last year.

“The library’s Board of Trustees, the citizens advisory committee, and the OAT committee, all of whom are volunteers, deserve a tremendous thank you,” Councilwoman Diana Juettner, the Town Board’s liaison to the library, said.  She added the project could not have succeeded without the efforts of the dedicated town employees who worked on the library. “Mark Stellato, the Commissioner Community Development and Conservation, Al Regula, the Commissioner of Public Works, and Mike Lepre, the Town Engineer, all worked tirelessly to bring such a complete and comprehensive plan to the Town Board for approval,” Councilwoman Juettner said.

The library will now start the process of seeking bids from contractors for the construction.  The library is also in the final stages of finding a temporary home, of which there are a number of possibilities.  The Town is looking at which location will provide taxpayers the greatest value for their money.

The library went through an unprecedented open process in gaining this approval.

Councilwoman Eddie Mae Barnes thanked the public, “who offered advice and suggestions throughout these proceedings.  This plan would not have been possible without you. We were presented with a good initial plan, and it evolved further from the input that has been received and incorporated into the document from the public, the Library Board, the Zoning Board, the Planning Board, and now the Town Board.”

With last night’s approval a major hurdle was passed and the approved monies can be spent to build a library to be proud of, and not spent on delays.

The bidding process is expected to be finished early in the Fall and to break ground by late Fall.

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