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Would you buy a generator for your house if we were able to get a special reduced price?
Release Date: July 20, 2006

Storm damage update... The July 18th storm caused caused significant damage throughout Greenburgh but primarily in the Hartsdale and Edgemont areas.  Although we have managed to get a number of roads cleared, several remain closed because of downed wires and trees.  Among these are parts of West Hartsdale Avenue, Central Avenue, Ardsley Road, Walbrooke Road, Hadden Road and Clayton Road.  We are working with Con Edison to get these roads opened as soon as possible.  
This is the 2nd major storm to hit the town in 2006. This past winter a number of  homes in Greenburgh (including mine) were out of power for a few days. The town learned from this experience by authorizing the expenditure of funds for a generator to be installed at Town Hall. Installation is expected to take place next year. I will reaching out to businesses that sell generators for residential purposes to see if the town can get a better deal for residents if we order in bulk. If you'd like additional information about generators for residential purposes- please e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com

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