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Should teens get breaks for traffic violations?
Release Date: June 22, 2006

The Deerpark police department in OrangeCountyhas created a “Zero Tolerance Means Zero Chances” policy, which prohibits drivers 16-21 years old from taking a plea bargain if ticketed for a traffic violation. They must either plead guilty or go to trial. Some of the traffic violations targeted under the Deerpark policy include excessive speeding, frequent or unsafe lane changes, following too closely behind another vehicle, driving while intoxicated and failing to signal. When police catch teens driving in an unsafe manner, they hand them an information sheet about the zero tolerance policy along with the ticket. This policy was announced after the Deerpark police chief saw a young girl driving all over the road on her way home from a shopping trip. There have been a number of teenage traffic related deaths from schools in that locality.

Should Greenburgh impose a “Zero Tolerance Means Zero Chances” policy? If we do impose such a policy should the policy be similar to Deerpark’s or limited to driving while intoxicated?
What do you think?

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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