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Release Date: June 07, 2006



 June 5, 2006                                               

Design – The Team is expecting 90% Construction Documents (CDs) to be delivered for estimating purposes during the first week of June. BHA will continue to coordinate the various designed systems of the project, as well as fine tune micro details relative to same, finalize Contract Specifications, material selections and incorporation of low voltage systems. Upon receipt of CDs, Triton will perform a 90% CD estimate, with the intent to deliver and share with the team by the second week of July. 

Approvals – The project recently concluded the Zoning Board of Appeals process, which allowed the project to enter into the Planning Board Approval Phase. Upon the recommendation from the Town Board on May 24, 2006, the Planning Board has begun the application review, with the intent to announce a July date for Public Discussion.

Schedule – Under the assumption that the approval process continues smoothly from this point into early fall, the Team would anticipate being out to bid for the Construction Contracts in September.

Budget – As per the Design Development Estimate, the project is currently on budget. The Team is aware that the construction industry has been affected by significant market forces, impacting price escalation, most significantly concrete, and more recently copper. Triton will complete the CD estimate, and in the event an additional comfort level is required to stay within budget, alternates, mostly relative to finishes, will be established and receive pricing through bid process. Decrease in Square Footage shall not be one of the alternate items.   

Public Presentation of Plans – The Library has planned for an open house for the public to review the documents as they stand to date. The Open House is scheduled for 17 June, from 1 to 4 PM.

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