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Release Date: April 27, 2006

The Greenburgh Town Board unanimously approved the capital budget at Wednesday's Town Board meeting. Highlights include:
* Purchasing an emergency generator at Town Hall ($225,000). The generator would be used to keep the town government functioning in the event of an emergency. The generator will also enable the town to provide shelter to the public in the event of power outages. Our Town Hall is air conditioned, which is essential in addressing the sheltering needs of people during emergencies that occur during the hottest months of the year. Earlier this year Chief Kapica sent the Greenburgh Town Board a letter recommending that we place emergency generators in at least one municipal building. It's interesting that most schools (some of which are considered reception areas in the event of an Indian Point evacuation) do not have generators. The Westchester County Center does not have generators at the present time.
* The Town Board increased funding for curb rehabilitation to $850,000. And, the Board increased funds for road resurfacing to $850,000. This will enable the town to do a better job of maintaining our infrastructure.
* Sanitation Back Up Safety Camera's-- This project will place cameras on the back of refuse trucks allowing the driver to view activities behind the truck. This safety feature is a benefit to employees that work on the back of the truck and the public. Cost: $35,000
* Rumbrook Park modernization: $200,000  We will be rehabilitating existing facilities at the park. The phase will involve junior baseball/softball field improvements.
The entire budget can be viewed on our web site: www.greenburghny.com

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