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Greenburgh Town Council calls on Supervisor to Develop Sidewalk Policy
Release Date: April 10, 2006


Greenburgh Town Council calls on Supervisor to Develop Sidewalk Policy


In response to numerous requests for new sidewalks and estimated millions of dollars of needed repairs on existing sidewalks, at its April 6, 2006, meeting, the Town Board of the Town of Greenburgh passed a resolution calling on Supervisor Paul Feiner, in his capacity as the town’s Chief Fiscal Officer, to develop a report containing recommendations for a town policy regarding sidewalks within 150 days.


The resolution, called the “Sidewalk Construction Policy Act,” calls for a policy that would “balance the concern for health and safety against the burdens that the Town’s existing sidewalk laws currently impose on Greenburgh homeowners whose properties would abut such sidewalks, while considering the impact on available staff and the budget.”


The Supervisor is to consult with the Chief of Police, the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, the Commissioner of Community Development and Planning, and such other persons as the Supervisor reasonably deems appropriate.


The Supervisor’s recommendations, due by September 3, 2006, will be reviewed by the Town Council, revised if necessary, and be the subject of a public hearing by the end of the year.  Following that public hearing, any needed amendments will be made, and a final policy will be adopted which will be used to make future decisions regarding sidewalks.


Councilman Steve Bass said he drafted the resolution in response to comments made by residents that a town policy regarding sidewalks is needed.  Councilwoman Eddie Mae Barnes, Councilman Bass, Councilwoman Diana Juettner, and Councilman Francis Sheehan enthusiastically voted for the resolution to establish the sidewalk policy.  Supervisor Feiner, who earlier voiced support for the resolution, abstained when the vote was taken.

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