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2nd Greenburgh homeless shelter to close
Release Date: March 24, 2006

I have been advised that the King’s Inn, a homeless shelter that has been operating in Greenburgh since the early 1990s, will be closing down at the end of April. The King’s Innhas provided shelter over the years to single men –there were about 50 beds at the shelter. This is the 2nd homeless shelter in Greenburgh operated by WESTHAB that is closing.  This shelter was located on 119, near the CountyCenter. WESTHAB/ELMSFORD closed down earlier this month.

The county’s homeless population has been declining in recent months—enabling WESTHAB to reduce the number of shelters that they have been operating. 

The operators of WESTHAB/Greenburgh have worked with the Fulton Park Civic Association over the years and developed a close relationship with the neighbors. Hat’s off to Irene Zuck, President of the civic association, for being a unique leader – she actually sent letters to me over the years supporting WESTHAB.

It’s my hope that the building can be converted into affordable housing.

PAUL FEINER, GreenburghTownSupervisor

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